Volunteer in Nepal
  • Volunteers who wish to teach English and other subjects and spend quality time with the children are more than welcome.
  • The duration for working at LBU is one month minimum.  You will need to meet your own travel costs and we will assist you in finding accommodation which fits your budget.
  • To be selected you need to be over 18 years old, fluent in English, flexible and enthusiastic. References and CV will be required.
  • Volunteers are expected to raise/donate £100 to help us cover our expenses and help the children
  • Selected candidates will need to clear a CRB check and sign the Appendix 7(A) of the Child Protection Policy.
  • To know more about working as a volunteer and to apply to the LBU volunteer programme, please complete and sign the Application form and send them with two recommendation letters to:
LBU c/o Child Action Nepal
PO Box 39679 London W2 6YP
“Each and every child in LBU has something special and unique about them and seeing these children so happy after their dreadful pasts is equally special.”
Karl, 19 (England).
"I can honestly say I've learned more than the children have during these past 30 days and am very sad to say goodbye.

The most enjoyable moments for me were seeing a child excited and building confidence with their homework and playing games and spending time with the children one on one or in small groups."
Eric Scherch, 24 (USA)
“The children at LBU always enjoy outings and a few days before my departure I treated all the children and staff to a day trip and picnic to Karkani in the hills. We hired a bus and driver and had a fun day playing games and enjoyed a delicious picnic and then ended with everyone singing on the way home! It was a wonderful way to end my enjoyable stay at LBU.”
Glenda, (Australia)