Les Amis de Child Action Nepal was established in 2023 in order to expand our donor base and facilitate the donation process in Continental Europe. It is a non-profit organisation (French Association loi 1901 reconnue d’intérêt général with Number W751269630) and will allow our donors to benefit from tax reductions post-Brexit (Please check the rules for your country of residence).

As usual, the costs of managing Les Amis de CAN are reduced to a minimum and often covered by the co-founders. Therefore, as much as possible of your donations will benefit the children in Nepal.

Florence Krief, Co-Founder of CAN and Les Amis de CAN, Chair

FlorenceFlorence established LBU in 2002 after volunteering in an orphanage in Kathmandu. She funded the home herself for a year and then established CAN in London with Simon Yun-Farmbrough in 2003. Today, Florence is a full-time headhunter in the City where she used to work for many years as an investment banker.  She oversees the management of the orphanage very closely as well as fundraising for CAN and Les Amis de CAN. Florence dedicates all her free time to the charities and visits the children in Kathmandu three times a year.  She is very attached to the children who consider her like their mum.

Dov Azogui, Co-Founder of Les Amis de CAN, General Secretary

DovLike Florence, Dov used to be an investment banker but in 2016 he founded his own investing and advisory boutique in Paris. He is sponsoring one of the children of LBU in Kathmandu and, in spite of his busy life, offered to volunteer as General Secretary of Les Amis de CAN. 


Hélène Mercier, Co-Founder of Les Amis de CAN, Treasurer

HélèneHélène is a long-term sponsor of Child Action Nepal and has been a supporter from the very beginning in 2003. Mother of three boys who are now all grown up and independent, and Financial Director of an Agro-Food Technical Centre in Brittany, Hélène very kindly offered to volunteer as a Treasurer for Les Amis de CAN.


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