Education: More than 50% or our total budget

We currently have 31 children, 16 girls and 15 boys age from 8 to 22 years old. Six of our children left home over the last few years, Reshma, who is married and lives in Australia, Bikash, who is also married and lives in Pokhara, Arjun who is working in the U.A.E., Som and Suryaman who are working in Qatar and Muna who is back with her family.

A typical day for the children begins at 6am with tea and biscuits, followed by a shower, play and homework revision. Their first main meal is at 8am, then off to school for lessons from 9am to 4pm. Back home, an education manager supervises homework before dinner at around 7.30pm. They play or finish their homework and are in bed, hopefully content, by 9pm.

On Saturdays and during school holidays, the children enjoy music, drawing and dance classes. Picnics and sightseeing trips are also arranged.

Self-sufficiency is encouraged, so at the weekend children help with cooking and cleaning. They wash their underwear and clean their shoes. College-age students take on more responsibility with tasks such as cleaning their own rooms and bathrooms, and looking after the younger ones.

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