LBU More Family Home Than Orphanage

Mr Rolak Thapa, the house manager and one of the founders of LBU, with his wife, Tulasi, son, Roman and daughter Romiya.What makes LBU unique is that from the day they join us, the children become part of our family. As such we take care of them until they finish their studies (some are studying for Masters' degrees at university) and find a job which allows them to be financially independent. Even once they have left LBU they continue to be part of our family and we share in their life (wedding, children, etc.).

The worst thing for an orphan is loneliness. When our children join the LBU family, they are not alone anymore.

Laliguraas Baal Uddhyaan is a non-governmental organisation registered in Nepal in full compliance with local laws.

Kamala who has been working at LBU since 2003
Kamala who has been working at LBU since 2003

LBU has a large, beautiful house with a garden, basketball court, and a laundry. It has been extensively refurbished and is equipped with a permanent water supply, solar panels providing hot water, a water filtration system and a generator, as power cuts happen nearly every day.

our workThe focus is on family life, unlike the regimented atmosphere in some larger institutions. Each child’s nutritional, educational and health needs are fully met, but they also receive individual love and care.

Extra-curricular activities nurture imagination and social skills. We want the children to have a wide vision of the world, not limited to the orphanage and its immediate surroundings.

A working committee of seven Nepalese volunteers, chosen for their dedication to children’s welfare and experience in social work, oversees the smooth running of the homes.