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Child Action Nepal’s inspirational CANDO gifts allow your gift-giving to go so much further than ever before.

page 21 b resizepage 21 a resize Our gifts are far more than virtual gifts – they are a range of real life-enhancing gifts that will reach the children in our orphanages in Kathmandu.

With your purchase, you can choose to send a gift card. The range of unique gifts we supply is dictated by the present needs of our orphanages. We can put your donation to work straight away, helping to transform the lives of the children in our orphanages.

Here’s how it works:

  1. YOU choose a gift, and then complete the form and send it to CAN with your cheque payable to “Child Action Nepal”
  2. WE send you a gift certificate and greeting card.
  3. YOU give it to a friend or family member.
  4. THEY have their gift sent to the children at our orphanages.

school supplies 30 o resizeSchool:

CAN spends each year more than 50% of its budget for the education of the children. We believe this is very important for the future of our children and your help is crucial.

1. School uniform per child per year: £53
2. Stationery per child, per year: £40
3. School bag per child: £5
4. Computer: £230
5. Printer: £30

energy supplies 31 o resizeEnergy:

We have 10 to 14 hours of electricity cuts every day and we need to buy diesel for our generators, gas for cooking, Kerosene for the heaters in winter and water during the dry season

1. One term supply of water, gas and electricity: £400
2. Solar Panels: £460
3. 1 Water tank: £61


sports supplies 35 o resizeSports:

Our children love sport. It allows them to relax after school (we have a basketball pole in the courtyard) and also work as a team in football and basketball matches.

1. 2 Footballs, 2 volleyballs and 2 basketballs: £27
2. 2 footballs: £10
3. 1 basketball + basketball net: £10
4. Tennis table rackets: £20
5. 1 bicycle: £45
6. Sports shoes: £20

going out 36 children staff 34 o resizeGoing out (30 children + staff):

We believe that it is good for our children to have activities outside the orphanage and to do things that normal families do. Each year we all go on vacation for a few days outside of Kathmandu, but we also organise outings during the year.

1. Picnic: £300
2. Cinema (tickets + bus): £180