how it all started

CAN was established in April 2003 and is a UK-registered charity.

LBU1 HouseOur purpose is to raise money to support orphanages in Nepal of relatively small size (20 to 25 children maximum) with the aim of providing a family atmosphere for the children.

The Trust seeks to ensure that those orphanages that it supports provide high-quality education and healthcare.

Flat 1
The flat where 6 of our older girls live

The Trust’s first project is Laliguraas Baal Uddhyaan (LBU), an orphanage situated in the Kathmandu Valley.

LBU was established in 2002 by one of the trustees, Florence Krief, and is home to 20 children (10 boys and 10 girls).

In 2007, we moved to a new, larger house with a larger compound. In 2009, thanks to your support, we started a second home, which at one stage had 20 children.  As our children are growing up and leaving LBU, we now have a large house and a flat with 6 of our oldest girls.


Click here to watch "Florence’s Story."

Our LBU family in 2004 Florence and Rolak our manager From investment banker to orphanage founder, learn about a determined woman’s unique journey