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Florence's Story

Florence Krief only intended to stay a year when she took a break from her London banking career to volunteer in Nepal. But she ended up spending three years in Kathmandu, setting up an orphanage there and only returning to work in the UK when her savings ran out. Hear the story of how it all began in her own words.

Nepal's Challenges

Nepal is one of the world's poorest countries and faces huge political and economic challenges. Many children labour in terrible conditions in factories or as domestic servants. Others end up living on the streets or become victims of traffickers.


A good education is essential to break the cycle of poverty in Nepal, but it comes at a price. At the orphanages supported by UK-based charity Child Action Nepal, schooling now accounts for more than 45 percent of the budget. The children study hard at their lessons and take pride in their achievements, often winning prizes.

Getting ready for school

Even the youngest in the orphanages supported by UK-based charity Child Action Nepal learn English at school ... but it's not all hard work... sometimes a new language can be fun.

Home Skills

For the children supported by UK charity Child Action Nepal, education doesn't just happen at school. Back at the orphanage they are taught a range of skills useful for later life when they will have to leave the orphanage, find jobs and make homes of their own.

Culture and Heritage

The Kathmandu valley is a fascinating showcase of art, history and tradition with seven UNESCO world heritage sites. And Nepal is famous not only for its mountain ranges but also tropical rainforests containing some of the world's most exotic animals. The children supported by UK-based charity Child Action Nepal are encouraged to learn about and celebrate their rich culture and heritage. Days out to the nearby sites and longer trips outside the city are often paid for by individual donors including orphanage founder Florence Krief during her frequent visits to Nepal.

Listen to the children

Some of the children living in orphanages supported by Child Action Nepal share their thoughts and dreams.

Music and Dance Lessons

On Saturdays, when homework and household tasks are finished, the children from the orphanages supported by UK-based charity Child Action Nepal enjoy classes in traditional music and dance.

When school is out!

In their free time the children enjoy many outdoor games and sports. A trip to a local swimming pool is a special treat paid for by individual donors.